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The planet Earth is the most beautiful place for us to live. Every human life, irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed,  color, rich, poor etc., is so precious to be lived peacefully with families, children and grand children. As a human, it’s our birth right to enjoy the worldly pleasures within the set parameters of our society and create something useful for the humanity before we depart this world, leaving our legacies behind for our future generation to cherish with. This is everyone’s dream in life. Every recognized religion on Earth reflects this as its core principle.

There are plenty of ways to realize our dreams.  It all depends upon how we look at our own life, what are our set ambitions, how we intend to achieve them and what are ways we can make the world to be a better place to live.

The purpose of creating this platform is primarily to interact with everyone and share our views on creating a wonderful living atmosphere around us. This will lead to look positively at our own life. God the Almighty has created everyone with a specific purpose of making the world as the most wonderful place to live. Our interaction should help us to achieve this.

You are encouraged to share your  thoughts, opinions and suggestions that would add value to reach our goal. Please forward your contributions to: mmr.nafsha@gmail.com.  It will be diligently reviewed with an open mind. The article that would create a positive energy in the minds of people will be posted in this website to benefit the world.

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